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American Standard – Toilets & Bidets

Put an end to clogs and a smile on everyone’s face.

We have an impressive variety of toilets and bidets with coordinating toilet seats and bidet seats to fit the style and needs of any bathroom.
Our high-performance toilets include innovative features such as the EverClean surface to fight against mildew, mold and bacteria, and PowerWash technology for the ultimate in cleanliness. These toilets are the perfect combination of clog-stopping power, efficiency, and great design. Our extensive lines including Champion, Cadet, FloWise and H2Option offer a wide variety of benefits and features to suit your needs. When choosing the right toilet, consider the water efficiency, capacity, and size, we’re sure to have the best choice for your bathroom.

Our collection of toilet seats encompass an assortment of options, including our innovative slow-close toilet seats which eliminate seat slamming altogether. With selections available in a variety of colors and sizes, we have the best match for your toilet.

American Standard bidets have integral overflow for optimum performance, and are suitable for either through-the-floor or through-the-wall outlets.

Quiet, Discreet Outdoor Units

Luxury. American Standard redefines the architecture of toilets with unique shapes and profiles supported by best-in-class clog-free performance. Like a finely- tuned luxury car, the furniture-inspired LXP Toilets from American Standard are high-efficiency, low- consumption (1.28 gpf/4.8 Lpf) and feature the best engineered flushing systems available to prevent clogs and overflows. Jetted action under the rim of the toilet powerfully scours the sides of the bowl to remove every last trace of paper and waste. These toilets have been independently rated* to flush as much as 1,000 grams of solid waste and come standard with our EverClean® surface, making them easy to keep clean.

Power. Based on recommendations from professional plumbers, American Standard has created the Champion PRO toilet that offers distinctive styles and metal part features available exclusively through showrooms. The Champion toilets are the most powerful flushing systems on the market. Champion PRO consists of three bowl configurations with tank options including with or without liner, 1.28 gpf or 1.6 gpf flush volumes, and even a right hand trip lever. The 1.28 high efficiency toilets (HETs) use 20% less water while virtually eliminating clogs, noisy flushes and the dreaded overflow.
Dependable. Modeled after the Champion®,
but with a slightly smaller flush valve and 5-Year Limited Warranty, the Cadet PRO series of toilets was designed to drive water more rapidly through the bowl for greater flushing power, minimizing clogs, noisy flushes and overflows.
Eco-friendly. If you are in the market for a dual flush toilet, make sure it has American Standard Siphonic Technology. American Standard provides the most technically advanced dual flush system available. This technology not only saves water, but also provides a stronger flush and cleaner bowl.
Other Brands’ Wash Down Technology
Wash down toilets maintain a low water level in a bowl, which can leave marks where bowl wash is inadequate.as_toilet_dual_flush_how
Choice. Finding the right toilet for your needs is easy. At American Standard we have a broad selection of 1-Piece and 2-Piece styles, both traditional and transitional. All of our contemporary styles offer performance and features perfect for any kids bath, master bath or powder room.

You can also visit Kitchen & Bath Showcase or Central Kitchen & Bath Showroom and make a wish list, create a user profile and send/share your wish list estimate email to: and we will get back to you shortly with supplier pricing and dates we can install.